1 March 2015

Evening, this evening's post will be about my foundation routine. I always have to have a good base, as long as I've got that, I can just put on my mascara and eyebrows and I am good to go! Unfortunately I have some redness to my cheeks, and I am quite lucky that I don't have any spots, pimples, acne! Whatever ya'll call it! But I hate having an uneven skin tone, and I know many others do too! 

So first things first, I apply my MAC foundation - Pro Longwear NC20. This is perfect for oily skin, even though I have combination skin, this foundation is the perfect match for my pale olive skin. I use the Real Techniques buffing brush, in which I just simply use 2 pumps of the foundation, directly onto the brush and just start blending away!

As for the dark circles, I use a lighter shade than my foundation and of course, the concealer I use is Collection - Lasting Perfecting. This does the job for such a cheap price also! I add this directly from the applicator creating a V shape under both of my eyes. I then use a Real Techniques blending brush and just blend, blend, blend!

I sometimes powder my face, not always, depending on the finish whether I want matte or dewy. I use Rimmel London Stay Matte in translucent. I dust this powder with a Real Techniques Kabuki brush all over my face.

As for contour goes, I don't go all out with this step on an everyday basis. But for the days I do, I use Sleeks contour kit, and Real Techniques Contour brush, and by making the duck face I can see my cheekbones. I lightly add the contour here and to the temples of my forehead. I don't apply a lot under my jaw, as I have quite a strong jawline, especially if I smile, so I don't wish to define this.

Finally I can't miss this step, as I love a highlight! MAC - Soft and Gentle is beautiful. I tap this product on the top of my cheekbones and on my brow bone. I can't wait till its summer and I can use this product with a tan!

And that's that!

What is your foundation routine?



  1. I am big fan of sleek products. I have one of their blush palettes and I basically use is every day :) I usually skip powder, personally I am a dewy girl through and through :D x

    1. Their products are great! Deep base is the way forward! X

  2. I love the rimmel powder I wouldn't leave the house without it, probably because I have an oily skin type.
    Lovely post.

    P.S: I've nominated you for the versatile blogger award at:

    Hannah x

  3. The Mac compact looks so pretty! It seems to be a popular one a lot of people rave about it! X

    Navy and Black ootd on the blog-


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