Top 5 Crime Books To Read

6 June 2018

I love reading. Crime/thriller especially. I just find it more interesting and I love trying to work out who done it?! Below are my favourite 5 crime books to read if you're looking for one. 

  1.  Look behind you; Sibel Hodge - Chloe Benson wakes up in an underground tomb with no idea how she got there, after being found and returning home she discovers the answers as to why she ended up in there in the first place. I read this book in a just a couple of days, I could not put it down.
  2. The Husband's Secret; Liane Moriarty - This is quite an emotional read, well for me definitely. Imagine finding a letter written by your husband with a devastating secret, with devastating consequences... not just for you, but for many others.
  3. Silent Scream; Angela Marsons -  D.I Kim Stone investigates a body found dead in a bath. The house has been set on fire, it soon transcribes that this will be no isolated case...
  4. The Magpies; Mark Edwards - What started off as a happy beginning with a couple moving into their first home together ended up being a nightmare. Their neighbours were only just starting their psychological attack. What terrifies me about this book, is that this could quite easily happen to anyone. 
  5. White Bones; Graham Masterton - A desolate farm reveals 11 women, all skinned alive which date back to 1915. I must say some parts of this book were very graphic making it difficult to read but the story line is incredible. 

Have you read any of these books? What are your favourite books to read?

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