Revolution Pro Full Coverage Concealer | Review

1 June 2018

Concealer? It has to be full coverage for me otherwise it really isn't worth applying. I will try anything that has a great review or contains the words "full coverage". I have recently been trying the Revolution Pro, Full Coverage Concealer, continue reading for more.
So Makeup Revolution have now released a pro range which looks great. It looks pro if you know what I mean? Not tacky, just looks professional and like you already have a sense of belief in it that it will do what it says on the tin. But did this Revolution Pro Concealer live up to that?

For starters, the shade range is great. I have yellow undertones and I followed their guide so I selected C2. I wanted something light to highlight beneath my eyes and something to use to carve out my brows. For starters, it is not in the slightest ideal for yellow undertones. It still came out with that slight pink undertone which is just not great for me. I can't be having pink toned under eyes followed by my yellow undertone foundation? Just no. So that was the first disappointment but I thought I can work with this.

As for the packaging, it comes in a tube which I like as you have control with how much product you want and it is hygienic. As for consistency it's very thick, but once I started applying it under my eyes with a dabbing motion, it kind of disappeared to nothing? That was the second disappointment. I use it for my eyeshadow base which was more ideal as it made my eyeshadows more vibrant and they did last all day - first positive.

Finally, wearability, like I said it lasted all day on my lids keeping my eyeshadow in place and played a great part in making my eyeshadows more vibrant. As for the concealer under my eyes, well it wasn't much there in the first place but it did look the same after 8 hours wear so it definitely lasts. It's just a shame for such a thick consistency I want to see coverage with minimal use of product. I wouldn't want to apply a lot under my eye for it to be cakey.  For £5 though... you can't complain too much as it is a great price.

Have you tried this concealer? What are your thoughts? 

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