A Pamper Routine For The Colder Season

21 November 2017

Winter is fast approaching us isn't it? I have still been pondering about like it is summer, however my skin is telling me it really isn't. So I thought it was about time I changed up my pamper routine to combat the bitter cold from flaking my skin away. 

 Everybody's skin type is different, mine is combination so I have the typical oily T-Zone and normal/dry skin everywhere else. However now it has begun to get colder I have noticed that my skin is much drier this year around, not just my face but my whole body!

I tend to do this routine twice a week, once at the beginning of the week and once towards the end. I like to run a hot bath with a mountain of bubbles about to pour out of it so I am set to relax. If I have been wearing make up that day, I grab my all the time favourite Vitamin E Hot Cloth Cleanser from Superdrug. Squeezing a generous amount on my hand I rub the product into my face removing traces of make up. I then grab a cloth that I have submerged in hot water, and wipe away any excess product and make up.

I have been loving this cucumber face mask from Superdrug recently, I just apply this all over my face and leave to dry. Once it has dried, peeling it off of course is fun and it's a competition of mine to try and remove it all in one piece - sad I know. This leaves my skin feeling so smooth and it smells so good too.

Whilst I am in the bath I have been using Nu Skin's Epoch Polishing Bar, I rub this bar all over my body as it really has been evening out my skin tone. I tend to have some redness of my chest area which this polishing bar has cleared up. It has a smooth texture with little bits of grit which exfoliate the skin.

When I have actually brought  myself to get out of the bath, (the struggle is real as it is so warm!) I add all the moisturisers - which is my favourite part as this is the final ingredient to making my skin nourished. I moisturise my face with the Superdrug Vitamin E Leave On Moisture Mask which is amazing for people who have really dry skin. I don't use this everyday, only twice a week as it is very, very moisturising.

Often if I'm not walking my dog, or on my feet at work, my legs by the end of the day can start to feel tired and restless. The cold has also attacked my legs making them quite sore and itchy too. However, I have found the best product for this problem - honestly. I apply a dime size amount of Nu Skin's Epoch Ice Dancer over each leg and it feels incredible. It's like that weird sensation you get in your mouth when you breathe in after eating a mint? I hope you understand me! But it is that sensation on your legs. All of the itchiness is gone and my legs feel light and relaxed. Game changer.

Finally not only are my little legs affected but my feet are too. I use a dime size amount of Nu Skin's Epoch Firewalker onto my feet, massaging the product into them. By this point I am so ready for bed as I am relaxed completely. This has got to be my favourite pamper routine for the colder season as the products are so specific to combatting the pesky side effects of cold weather on the skin.

Product list;

Superdrug Vitamin E Hot Cloth CleanserSuperdrug Purifying Cucumber Peel Off MaskSuperdrug Vitamin E Leave On MaskNU SKIN Epoch Polishing BarNU SKIN Epoch Ice DancerNU SKIN Epoch Fire Walker

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