The Ordinary Foundation | Review

11 September 2017

Have you purchased a foundation online and managed to actually get your shade perfect and be completely over the moon with the finish too? I hadn't until I purchased both of The Ordinary's foundations from their Colour range.
So starting with their Coverage foundation, it does what it says on the tin. It is a full coverage and honestly it is. I only need 2 pumps on this and my face is fully covered and I can even forget about concealer due to the coverage.

There is also 21 shades to choose from which is a wide selection of choice already taking into consideration that this is their first foundation.

As you can see above. You can purchase this foundation here and it is only £5.90 which is incredible honestly. This is cheaper than most drugstore foundations and it is so much better. I like to apply this with a buffing brush and I feel most foundations just get absorbed with a beauty blender.

As for packaging I think it is very high end and simple. It also comes with a pump which is everyone's best friend when it comes to dispensing the product.

Now moving onto the serum foundation. This is lightweight and is pretty much the same consistency as water; this is my first lightweight foundation and it is my new favourite. I was slightly skeptical to start with but this goes on like a dream!

And again, same shades to choose from. I do like to apply this also with a brush and this is my favourite foundation to wear to work. It also my skin to breathe which is necessary as clogged up pores are a pain. This foundation you can purchase here for £5.70 which again is a bargain. Most drugstore foundations offer pink tones foundations which looks stupid against my yellow/olive toned neck so I have found my ideal shade and a favourite foundation without the extra 0's! You can view my Youtube video below on my first impressions.

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