5 February 2015

"l'eau de chloé
variation in the fresh air...
layers of chiffon in bright sunlight. bare feet brushing long grass. the glow of dawn on the skin. chloé's signature scent opens a new chapter in its story. an aura delicate as a breath of air. like the original fragrance, this unique eau suggests rare elegance and surprising modernity. free, spontaneous, radiant femininity. meet l'eau de chloé…"
This beautiful fragrance reminds me of spring, and it's refreshing morning dew. I love what it has to offer, it has an enticing scent of femininity and maturity. It touches your skin with sophistication. It is natural, not overpowering but leaves you in touch with the outdoors of meadows and flowers.

For a 50ml bottle, I believe this is around £55, which isn't too bad. But it's my simplest yet sweetest and move loved fragrance.

What is your favourite fragrance?


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