How To Take Care Of Bleached Hair

31 May 2018

Having bleached hair isn't all fun and games, it looks great but looks can be deceiving. The reality is not being able to brush it whilst it's wet, the blonde revealing it's true brassy tones and the list goes on. 
 So how can you resurrect your locks? Or if you are lucky and your tresses aren't too damaged and you would like to prevent it then you've come to the right place. I've been bleaching my hair since I was 14, and I have been in the situation where I've gone red to blonde, dark brown to blonde and so on.

  1. NO more sulphates! I'm serious, I didn't realise how bad sulphates are to your hair and scalp up until 2 years ago. They play a massive part in drying out your hair and your skin and the worst thing is when it gets in your eyes - ouch it stings! If you're thinking of going sulphate free then one thing to take into consideration is your hair is naturally going to be oilier in-between washes. This is completely normal as there isn't any more sulphates stripping the natural oils out of your hair. The one I purchase again and again is LOr√©al Hair Expertise Riche Nourishing Shampoo
  2. You might laugh at me, you might not but since last year I have been sleeping with a silk wrap around my hair. I had a lot of breakage a while ago and I couldn't understand why it was just in one localised area. The bleach played a part but I noticed that the crown area of my hair was getting tangled when I woke up in the morning. Turns out I just move around a lot when I sleep which of course was the reason why the crown area of my hair took a beating. You can of course have a silk pillowcase if you prefer but I don't mind having a wrap. You can buy these on eBay!
  3. Condition, condition, condition! Every time I wash my hair I use a deep conditioner. So may say this is too heavy for the hair but my hair is thick anyway and my hair is so thirsty for it. One I am liking in particular is Argan & Amla Hair Mask from the Organic Shop. You want to stay away from silicones as they only coat the hair. This conditioner is really helping me manage my hair. 
  4. Invest in a good hair brush. This brush Detangler from Texture Pro AKA The Wet Brush is my new best friend. It's so gentle on my scalp and does not pull on my hair. I am able to brush my hair when it's wet although it isn't recommended, this hairbrush enables me too! 
  5. Even when you think your hair is conditioned, go ahead and use more. I like to use a spray in conditioner in-between my washes so my hair doesn't get too dry. Palmer's Coconut Oil Formula Strengthening Leave in Conditioner has been a real treat to my hair.
  6. Finally, stop washing your hair everyday. You need the natural oils in your hair, washing your hair everyday is only going to make your bleached ravaged hair only more dry. Try washing your hair every other day for a few weeks, then every few days. Your hair will get used to it. 
What are your tips for looking after bleached hair? 

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