An Easy Guide To Fake Tan

30 May 2018

New to fake tan? Or just looking for more tips? Then continue reading for a quick guide on fake tanning. 

  1. IT'S ALL ABOUT THE PREP. Trust me on this, don't go thinking you're going to have that gorgeous summer glow without prepping your skin, I've been there and got the t shirt. Hop in the shower or bath and exfoliate that skin. Exfoliating the skin is going to help remove any dead skin which will effect the fake tan. 
  2. Moisturise! I moisturise all over, some tips I have read are to focus only on your ankles, wrists etc. Fake tan can really dry out your skin so it's beneficial to moisturise your whole body and to continue doing so after every shower to maintain the tan. 
  3. Now ready for the fake tan. My all time favourite is Cocoa Brown Marissa Carter 1Hr Instant Tan Extra Dark. It looks good as new all week. One thing I would say is be careful because this literally comes out like hair mousse, it isn't playing around! I squirt some on a tanning mit and start on my legs in circular motions making sure I am applying it evenly. Don't forget the back of your neck and ears. When it comes to your toes and hands, I just use what ever is left on the mit so it looks natural.
  4. I leave my tan to develop for 8 hour so I get a deep rich tan. I hop in the shower and say goodbye to the top layer of my fake tan as it makes it way down the drain... 
  5. Again, moisturise. If you notice your tan is starting to break up, or in other words your skin resembles a loaf of tiger bread, then I like to go in and use Bondi Sands Liquid Gold this keeps my tan looking fresh like day 1! Be careful though as this has no guide colour so be sure to really work this in to your skin to avoid streaks. 
What are your fake tanning tips? 

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