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25 April 2018

There's something about taking photographs of new products, how they are untouched. I don't know to me it just looks tidy and once I received new products before I even get to use them I am taking photographs of them. Nu Skin kindly sent me some cosmetics to try and I've had them for the last 2 weeks and I can say they don't look in pristine condition like they do in these images but they are already well loved. 
First up, how pretty is the packaging? It's very high end and great quality. I do like how it comes with a brush but I tend no to use them as I like using angled brushes for blushers. This is super pretty and since the sun came out I immediately got my fake tan out. I have been using this as part of my new make up routine since I got this. It gives off a gorgeous peachy glow. You can buy this here, shade Peach Cloud.

Next up, an eyeshadow palette in the shade Mocha Brick, this is ideal for day and the evening. So far I have used all the light shades for everyday wear and I plan on using the darkest shade in the palette all over my lid for an evening look. The pigmentation is incredible and also whats useful is the mirror in the palette which is perfect and compact for your make up bag. 

This is my second curling mascara from Nu Skin and it's the only mascara I have found that I can have curled eyelashes without the need to actually curl my eyelashes with an eyelash curler. It doesn't clump my eyelashes together either and I am left with long curly lashes.

Last but not least, Professional Make Up Brush Set, I only started using these a few days ago as I have been too scared to use them, just look how stunning they are? The case also! I haven't owned a make up brush set that looks this luxurious before. The bristles are so soft and it definitely feels nice to be using an eyeshadow brush in the crease that doesn't feel like your eyelid has been scratched. The case is easily mistaken for a purse which I like and also a piece of fabric folds away revealing a mirror - so handy!

So overall, I am enjoying each product so far. There isn't a Nu Skin product that I don't not love, honestly.

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