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6 September 2017

A morning routine is a strict routine in ensuring your skin is being provided its daily TLC. Sometimes they can seem like a lot of effort, but once you start doing it everyday it simply becomes second nature. I tend to only stick to around 4 products in the morning to keep it hassle free.
Due to my nighttime skincare routine (another post to come) I don't wash my face in the morning with any face wash. I start with cleansing my skin with a cotton pad. An all time favourite that I still keep going back to is All Bright Gentle Cleansing Cream, simply squeeze a dime size amount on a cotton pad and dot on the forehead, cheeks, nose and chin and underneath the neck. Using swiping up motions to cleanse the skin.

Second step, repeat the above but using All Bright Cleansing Toner. Your skin should be really smooth and have quite a tight sensation due to the toner closing up the pores.

*Disclaimer you used to be able to purchase this for around £3 however I've just recently gone to purchase this range again and unfortunately Boots have upped the price a considerable amount, the packaging has changed however I don't think the ingredients have. This is such a shame as this used to be my go to skincare range due to it being plant based, effective and great value for money.*

Third step, I spoke in depth about this skincare recently which you can read here. It honestly has transformed my skin for the better. Before using this product, I genuinely thought my skin looked good, now it looks even better than before. I simply apply a pea sized amount of this ageLoc Future Serum by Nu Skin.

And finally, the moisturiser which is my favourite part. I don't think I could go without applying moisturiser at least once a day. The current product I am using is in conjunction with the ageLoc Future Serum is the Radiant Day moisturiser. This product also has SPF 22 which is always a bonus.

So 4 products after my skin is feeling refreshed and smooth. Just a simple routine but it is definitely effective.


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