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1 May 2017

Before you apply that red lipstick, think will it go on as smoothly as it would if you had prepped your lips? Probably not.
 I have been a fan of a bright lip recently, but the weather here in England hasn't yet turned warm and we are having pointless windy days which are creating a chill. This is of course resulting in dry skin and pesky dry lips.

Now it doesn't look pretty when you're wearing your favourite lipstick but your lips are a peeling mess... no thank you. I have been seeing a lot of these lip oils recently and I was pretty intrigued so I picked up this one from Barry M.

Now, I like to exfoliate my lips everyday as part of my skincare routine, you can use just normal sugar and a little bit of water. However for something hassle free, this one from Lush in bubblegum does the trick and oh my it tastes good.

So once I have exfoliated my lips, I simply glide this Barry M lip oil all over my lips, literally it tastes and smells like a strawberry cake!! The packaging is cute and simple, looks like a lip gloss and it is so easy to apply. It can be really sticky to start with, but that does go away quite quickly and you are left with really nourished lips.

Finally you can apply your favourite shade of lipstick, this lip oil has improved the longevity of my lipsticks and this works really well for those who love a matte lipstick. Incase you're wondering how much this is, it is only £4.99, which is so affordable!

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