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7 February 2017

I have to admit, I have seen so much hype around Pixi products and I have read so many reviews which praised how good the products were but I just never got round to purchasing anything. I received 2 products as gifts for christmas and well I'm kind of disappointed in myself for not receiving them sooner!
Glow Tonic 250ml; I have been obsessed with this, I am using this AM and PM after I cleanse and before I moisturise. This gently exfoliates the skin leaving it look refreshed and energised.  The easiest way to apply this is soak a small amount onto a cotton pad and smooth it over your skin. This has glycolic acid in it, sounds kinda scary but it has many benefits for the skin and I have seen this in many products recently. You can purchase this from the Pixi website for £18.00. 

Glow Mist; My skin has been changing recently and instead of it being oily, it has taken a turn to the dry side! I am fed up of the winter months now as it is making my foundation look like a cakey mess on my face which we all know doesn't look glamourous. This has been a saviour for the mess though. I simply spritz this all over my face after I have applied my make up and it leaves me looking dewy and hydrated without looking too oily. This is only £16.00! 

I do want to purchase some more products from Pixi Beauty, so what recommendations do you have?

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