Increasing Your Blog Traffic | Four Tips

21 December 2015

Have you sat back and thought that it would be really great if you just woke up to thousdands of views on your blog? I do this all the time and I know numerous of bloggers out there strive for this and have achieved this through patience and social media.
  • Social Media - use every aspect of it. Twitter, Instagram, Facebook etc. Readers love to see consistency and hard work and regular content, think about it, if they like the content you produce they want to come back to your blog regularly to see it as well as following you on social media sites so they can keep updated with your posts. Hashtags are your best friend also, on Instgram or Twitter try searching for #blogger or anything related and start following, liking or engaging with the other bloggers out there as it gives you a chance for other bloggers to view and follow your blog.
  • Giveaway - I haven't yet tried this but plan on doing so in the near future. An exmaple though, would be to host a small giveaway with some make up products, and promoting this on all of your social media, however those who wish to enter must be following you, or like your last 5 images and to also post that image on their Instagram or Twitter for others to see, once they've seen it they might wish to enter too and so on! It's an amazing way of getting traffic.
  • Pinterest - This is my favourite, a couple of months ago I have about 50 followers on Pinterest, I now have over 500 and thanks to Pinterest I have quite a fair bit of views due to it. Whenever I pin an image in the description I will note my blog, therefore anyone that goes to re-pin will see this and they have the option to click if they want to! Also take advantage of the many groups of Pinterest as it gives you a chance to engage with many bloggers.
  • Comment, comment, comment - Reading other people's blog and commenting really is a huge factor. I adore comments and love reading what people think of the products I have purchased or any recommendations.  Also just think what you really appreciate when people take the time to comment on your blog, read your content, like your images etc - it is a confidence booster in my opinion so it's so crucial!

I hope you find this helpful!
Chedsneh xo

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