Why It's Okay To Lack Inspiration Sometimes...

2 August 2015

I think we have all been there. It is part of everyone and everything you do or enjoy. Lately however, it's a "thing" that I keep revisiting. It's not nice, no. But it's okay, I've come to terms with the lack of inspiration I have been having lately. I decided to sit down and really think about what may be causing this "thing" and below is what I have come up with.

  • Work Life; For some working full time or part time alongside writing a blog becomes pretty hectic. After you have returned home from the commute and actually facing the front door you suddenly think "I'm ever so tired today, my blog will have to come tomorrow." This thought often becomes an old record playing on repeat.
  • Stress; If you are an anxious person like me, then the blogging life tends to hide under the rug for a while. Finding things to stress about is my mind being evil but unfortunately it's something that I cannot control. Stress is in everybody and everyone has many ways of coping with it.
  • Your Surroundings; To me, when I am working on my blog I need a source of inspiration right before I start that way I believe I will seek 100% on my creativity. Its like having a workout, you need that energy beforehand to succeed and complete the activity. 
These are three reasons that I came up with. It doesn't seem like a lot, but when you combine them all together, you have an ugly but powerful mix which really does take a toll on the inspiration you are craving. 

As for combatting it, I'm still trying to. But you have to remain positive. Thanks to the blogging community, everyone inspires everyone out there. But learn that it is okay. I have read many similar posts and it gives you a sense of familarity and hope because there are many others out there in the same boat.

Lately I have found that reading other blogs, looking at images gives me a source of inspiration. Following on from that I then jot down some ideas for my blog and hopefully it goes from the paper to the blog for all you readers out there!

It's really okay, and it is all part of the journey.

Much love, Chedsneh xo

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